Improving Mental Health
Four Secrets in Plain Sight
Lloyd Sederer
American Psychiatric Association Publishing
November 1, 2016

In IMPROVING MENTAL HEALTH: FOUR SECRETS IN PLAIN SIGHT, Dr. Lloyd Sederer draws upon four decades of diverse clinical practice, mental health research and public health experience to create a memorable volume that is as elegant as it is instructive. The book aims to help clinicians improve the lives of their patients–and patients to improve their own lives–by identifying these secrets and taking action in ways that can work immediately, closing the science-to-practice gap. In addition to mental health and primary care clinicians, patients and their families will find the books many stories, clinical examples and cultural references fascinating and illuminating.

Dr. Sederer synthesizes the knowledge gained through his considerable experience as a psychiatrist with insights gleaned from history, research and literature to address the four truths in a systematic, yet lively, manner. The result is a book of rare grace. IMPROVING MENTAL HEALTH: FOUR SECRETS IN PLAIN SIGHT will be a touchstone for the clinician and general reader alike.