The Dollhouse
Fiona Davis
Dutton Books
August 23, 2016

“The Dollhouse. . . . That’s what we boys like to call it. . . . The Barbizon Hotel for Women, packed to the rafters with pretty little dolls. Just like you.”

Fiona Davis’ exquisite debut novel THE DOLLHOUSE pays tribute to New York City, past and present, and the women who’ve come to the Big Apple in search of a new beginning and a life to call their own. Set in and around the famed Barbizon Hotel for Women, an exclusive alternative residence for New York City’s young, single women that  from 1927 to 1981 housed thousands of aspiring models, secretaries, editors, actresses, and writers – among them Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly, Sylvia Plath, Liza Minnelli, Candice Bergen, Joan Crawford, Joan Didion, and Betsey Johnson –Davis unfurls a gripping and intoxicating story of two women: one coming-of-age in 1950s New York City and one starting a new chapter in midlife in the present day, whose lives become intertwined around a decades-old scandal that rocked the residence in its heyday.

THE DOLLHOUSE is both a page-turning, vivid evocation of one of New York City’s most iconic residences and a celebration of the women of New York City’s past and present, brimming with all of the glamour, mystery, excitement, and unfettered opportunities that lay in the glittering city beyond.