Tips for Building a Successful Career Through Emotional Intelligence
James A. Runde
September 13, 2016

In 1999, investment banker James A. Runde made national news when he advised UPS on their famous and difficult decision to go public, resulting in the biggest IPO in U.S. history. A group from Columbia Business School read about the deal in the Wall Street Journal and invited Runde to speak to the students about his involvement.  Runde—who, after 40 years at Morgan Stanley, is the longest-serving investment banker at a single U.S. firm—captivated the audience not only with his stories about the IPO, but with his practical and unconventional advice about how to build a lasting and successful career.  In an industry where smart and hard-working people abound, he warned, brains and talent are not enough.  Advancing up the ranks takes more than hard work and intelligence and has become about emotional intelligence, trust-based relationships, and adaptive thinking.

Now, in UNEQUALED: Tips for Building a Successful Career Through Emotional Intelligence, Runde expands on his winning presentations to help readers navigate each stage of their careers. His step-by-step guide explains how to hone your emotional intelligence, foster long-lasting professional relationships, and utilize adaptive thinking skills in order to advance and thrive.

Among the topics he writes about in the book:

  • Emotional intelligence quotient (EQ): What it is, how to hone it, and why it is the distinguishing factor in building career success
  • His Magic Formula: ability, opportunity and courage; and why the formula works
  • Building long-lasting professional relationships—and why they are critical to professional longevity
  • How to navigate career pivot points and successfully adapt your skills from entry level positions to middle management to the C-Suite
  • How to lead effectively, increase productivity, and build a better work environment
  • Your personal brand: How to thoughtfully create and leverage it drive your success
  • Professional longevity: his experience as a “company man” and the rewards of loyalty

UNEQUALED is a candid and unconventional guide to what it really takes to succeed in business.