GMC Digital

Goldberg McDuffie develops an integrated marketing plan for every project we work on.  Our Digital Marketing Manager carefully assesses each author’s online presence so that we can deliver real-time marketing and digital media strategies that draw new audiences as well as complement our results in print and broadcast media.

We begin by identifying and positioning the author’s core messages. This is crucial for engaging communities on the web and in social media. We help the author develop a new and expanding platform with research that yields a comprehensive list of websites and blogs through which we can reach appropriate audiences with customized content.  Using online channels, we reach out to organizations and associations to secure partnerships, tie-ins, events, and special sales opportunities.

Goldberg McDuffie guides writers in using social media and effective blogging to generate conversation and tell a compelling story.  As a company and as individuals, we are communicating daily with industry influencers and innovators to get the word out about our projects.

At every step of the way, we serve as media consultants, advising our authors on how to most efficiently and effectively use their time, resources and contacts to build their brand and expand their networks and readership on the Web.

In addition to advising authors on content strategies, we use metrics to measure the success of these strategies.  This allows us to evaluate the depth of engagement and make sure that our clients are involved in relevant and meaningful conversations.