Beyond the Label
Women, Leadership and Success on Our Own Terms
Maureen Chiquet
April 18, 2017

Driven. Shy. Leader. Wife. Mother. We live in a world of categories—labels designed to tell the world, and ourselves, who we are and ought to be. Some we may covet, others we may fear or disdain, but creating a life that’s truly your own means learning to define yourself on your own terms. In BEYOND THE LABEL, former Global CEO of Chanel Maureen Chiquet tells of her unlikely rise from literature major to eager French student to traveling cosmetics saleswoman to retail executive to global chief executive. Sharing the inklings, risks and (re)defining moments that have shaped her career, Chiquet seeks to inspire a new generation of women, liberal arts grads, introverts, and unconventional thinkers to cultivate a way of living and leading that is all their own.

Through vivid storytelling and hard-won insights, Chiquet guides readers to consider the pressing questions and inherent paradoxes of creating a successful, fulfilling life in today’s increasingly complex and competitive world. She shares the unsung benefits of a jagged path to leadership in the workplace, how a self-professed introvert can learn to address—and win over—a crowded room, how to recognize that one professional opportunity has reached its conclusion and that it’s time to move on, and so much more.

In BEYOND THE LABEL, Chiquet invites women (and men) to reflect on their deepest desires, greatest gifts, and most profound ambitions, in order to craft their own version personal and professional success.