Generation Space
A Love Story
Anna Leahy and Douglas R. Dechow
Stillhouse Press
April 1, 2017

Anna Leahy and Douglas R. Dechow were children when Apollo 11 took humans to the Moon and were in college when the Challenger launch ended in tragedy. As Dechow and Leahy fell in love with each other at the National Air and Space Museum, millions of Americans in the generation that came of age with the space shuttle program continued to witness impressive innovations in space exploration. In 2008, serendipity took them to California for a new chapter in their lives and to follow the end of the US Shuttle program. GENERATION SPACE is the story of their life together and a love letter to the Space Age.

Space travel has fascinated people for fifty years. GENERATION SPACE contains a series of alternating perspectives in each chapter that celebrates these astonishing achievements. The authors write about the unlikely, space-related origins of products we use every day (anti-icing systems on commercial jets, freeze-dried food, memory foam, ear thermometers, and GPS, to name a few); they tell the stories of the world’s living astronauts through years’ worth of personally conducted interviews; and they tell their own story of falling in love while gazing up at the stars.

GENERATION SPACE is an exciting look forward to the future of humanity in space, informed and intensified by a nostalgic look back on the glory days of the space race.