The Dark Art
Inside the World’s Most Dangerous Narcoterrorist Organizations
Edward Follis and Douglas Century
Gotham Books
October 7, 2014

For twenty-seven years, Edward Follis was an undercover agent for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency working to earn the trust of criminals worth millions of dollars, then bringing them to justice. But over the years the drug-running game changed. The men leading the world’s biggest drug rings were often using that money to bankroll terrorist activities. And the game to take them down got even more complicated.

THE DARK ART, by Follis and co-author Douglas Century, is the first—and only—insider’s account of the shocking confluence between narco-trafficking and terrorist organizations, spanning three decades, five continents and dozens of high profile cases. Follis worked undercover in locales as diverse as Cairo, Paris, Bangkok, Jerusalem, Kabul, and Cuidad Juarez. He infiltrated the inner circles of not only drug kingpins but major financiers of the largest and most dangerous terrorist networks: Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Thailand’s Shan United Army, and the Mexican Federation of cartels.

This deep experience led Follis to become one of the driving forces behind the DEA’s evolution from its localized, domestic focus—doing the sort of street-level busts of kilos of coke and bales of weed all too familiar from the pastel-hued era of “Miami Vice”—to its sophisticated present-day work, bringing down the billionaire financiers of worldwide terrorism. Today, the DEA uses high-resolution optics, surveillance, and classified cutting-edge technology and places narco-terror kingpins on the list reserved for the gravest of threats to US national security. THE DARK ART is a riveting odyssey deep into the insidious underworld of 21st-century global organized crime.

Since retiring from the DEA, Edward Follis spends much of the year traveling worldwide, offering his consulting expertise in the fields of global security, tactical intelligence, and risk assessment. The recipient of the Federal Bar Association’s Medal of Valor, Follis has been designated by the U.S. district courts as a certified expert in the subjects of narco-terrorism, international drug trafficking, and global terrorist networks. Douglas Century is a contributing editor at Tablet Magazine, writes regularly for The New York Times, Billboard and other national publications.