Royally Roma
Teri Wilson
Pocket Star/Gallery Books
March 27, 2017

With ROYALLY ROMA, novelist Teri Wilson launches The Royals, a three-book series of retellings of classic movies with royal themes. ROYALLY ROMA reimagines Roman Holiday, the iconic romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn, with a charming modern-day twist and gender reversal.

In ROYALLY ROMA, Niccolo La Torre, the Crown Prince of Lazaretto, gets a taste of life as a civilian when he disappears for a day under the guise of wealthy tourist. His tour guide, a broke, overworked graduate student named Julia Costa, fails to recognize him and mistakes him for a client. Intrigued by the idea that there is someone in Rome who has no idea who he is, Niccolo acts on impulse and assumes the role of Julia’s client. Although she senses that something amiss, Julia can’t quite put her finger on what it is and more importantly, she needs the money, so she ignores all warning signs. Complicating matters is the undeniable chemistry between Julia and Niccolo. As the adventurous day comes to a close, their attraction grows more intense and in the back of Niccolo’s mind he wonders if he’s willing to let go of the first person who’s ever seen him as just a man and not a prince.

Teri Wilson is a novelist for Harlequin Books and Gallery/Pocket Books and a contributing writer at and Teen Vogue covering books, pop culture, and more. Her 2013 book, Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2013), a modern-day retelling of Pride & Prejudice, was optioned for film by the Hallmark Channel and debuted as a Hallmark Channel Original Movie in January 2016 to 3 million viewers and set social media records for the network. Following the success of Unleashing Mr. Darcy, the Hallmark Channel optioned her 2016 novel The Art of Us and her 2013 novel Sleigh Bell Sweethearts for release Christmas 2017. Visit Teri at or on Twitter @TeriWilsonauthr.