Sisters One, Two, Three
Nancy Star
Lake Union Publishing
January 1, 2017

In film executive-turned-writer Nancy Star’s fifth novel SISTERS ONE, TWO, THREE, an eccentric New Jersey family is forced to unravel a web of secrets and finally confront a long-hidden tragedy.

Ginger Tangle’s mother Glory is a colorful woman. A wife and mother in 1970s suburbia, her days are spent fantasizing (and fibbing) about a bigger, more glamorous life. Bored by the monotony of domestic life, she packs her family up for a summer on Martha’s Vineyard. Carefree days of surf and sand under the blue skies prove to be just what Glory needs, until an accident occurs which changes everything for the Tangle family. In its aftermath, secrecy becomes their way of life. Ginger and her sisters, Mimi and Callie, all grow up processing the events of that day in unique ways. It isn’t until decades later, following the death of Glory, that the three sisters reunite on the Vineyard and the truth of what really happened that calamitous day comes out, providing long-overdue closure, newfound understanding, and the keys to reconciliation.

Alternating between the 1970s and the present-day, SISTERS ONE, TWO, THREE is a “witty, compelling, and wise” (Alice Elliott Dark) portrait of a family fractured. “Full of surprising twists and deep emotional insight” (Paula Redmond Satran), the novel presents a beautiful and fascinating look at the complex bonds between sisters, mothers and daughters.